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What Our Clients Say

  • ‘Working with You Stephanie has helped me to see that I am loveable, beautiful, and valuable, no matter what. You have given me tools and techniques to break free from self-hatred and put love Always first. I finally left the past where it belongs. It has been a long way for me but I made it. I love me. I love life - with the good and bad - looking forward to my new beginning. I am incredibly GREATful for all your help and support Stephanie Bavaro’

    Carla C., Arlington, VA
  • ‘Steph you are so FREAKING good at what you do (know that I am referring you like crazy because of it)!’

    Nichole Kellerman, Successful Weight Loss School
  • ‘Stephanie, I want to thank you... Since following your work I have helped to ignite a beautiful & magical electricity between my partner and I and all it really took was being present and committed to my goal of pleasing my husband even if I at the time do not “feel” like it because I’m coming from a place of love and service instead of selfishness. I sincerely appreciate your coaching and wisdom in this subject.’

    Kieonne Jackson, Health & Prosperity Coach, Nashville, Tennessee
  • ‘Because of GREATful Woman, my sense of self and experience of sex has changed - having only ever
    experienced one orgasm with a man in my life - I've allowed myself to experience true, honest,
    real and amazing sex and have had many amazing orgasms! Before now, I truly never thought this
    would have been possible!’

    Ellie B., London, England
  • ‘Once I made GREATful Woman a priority, everything opened. By just allowing it as one of my priorities,
    the universe helped me bloom and that is how it felt. Thank you!’

    MM, Virginia, USA
  • ‘Putting this [GREATful Woman] into action, I found a personal strength I never knew that I had which has
    allowed me to make empowering choices for myself, both in my personal relationships and in my life.’

    AG, Cheshire, England
  • ‘GREATful Woman challenges you to think in a different way about sex, your body, your life and (importantly) yourself. It has taught me the skills and mental attitude to clear my mind and be present and to always
    speak from a place of love and compassion (from my "true self")’

    Elizabeth B., London, England
  • ‘Stephanie's energy and passionate GREATful seminars are inspirational! Awesome! Let's get it on! :)’

    GF, Barcelona, Spain
  • ‘Stephanie has a unique presenting style. Her warmth, passion and love are infectious. I want to learn more with her and practice the amazing principles she teaches in my life. Thank you, Stephanie. Your workshop has improved my relationship and my life in a way I did not think possible.’

    David T., Gloucestershire, England