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The CEO of GREATful Woman® LLC, Stephanie Bavaro is dedicated to providing her clients with the clarity and resources to take their next-best step — in business and life. An award-winning entrepreneur and certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Stephanie is a Virtual Executive™ and Systems Whisperer™, consulting at all levels — from corporate programs to private coaching of her award winning TeleSummit Success™ program. A #1 International best-selling author, Stephanie shares juicy insights from brilliant transformational leaders with her GREATful Woman Talks! And yes, GREATful Woman® offers sexy BLING t-shirts, water-bottles, bags and more with GREATful Gear™.

Stephanie loves Italy (she moved to Italy’s Amalfi Coast during the 2013 GREATful WOMAN Talks!™ TeleSummit and speaks Italian). She is an avid supporter, personally and professionally, of Motivating the Teen Spirit (motivatingtheteenspirit.com) and RAINN — Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network (rainn.org), donating a percentage of all GREATful sales to their efforts to heal and support women.

But it was not always that way… as Stephanie explains… 

From my rock bottom…

Eleven years ago, I was depressed, morbidly obese, hated my job and in a long-term relationship that really was just a friendship. In 2001, the large software company I worked for downsized, and after 12 years of service I was laid-off. I began to question everything –my career, my relationship, my home, my body and my life. Nothing seemed to ‘fit’. Maybe it was a bit of a mid-life crisis, but two weeks after I was laid off, I went to Tuscany, on my own, and unexpectedly started a life-changing journey initially just to lose weight.

To rock climbing (and learning to rock climb)…

It is amazing to me now that my weight was the only thing I thought I wanted to heal or change or improve. No matter what the reason, I was ready and willing. I read, researched, took action and worked with people. I was a sponge just trying to absorb it all and learn and grow.

The surprising part was that – it was the work I did on the inside that made all the difference for me, not just physically but also sexually (in all areas really, but the sexuality is our focus right now). I began to feel attractive, and not just because I was losing the weight I always hid behind. I learned how to stay in the present (we will find out that is critical to orgasms!!!), and I began to want and choose sex for the right reason – because it is a lovely act of pleasure and intimacy. In the end, I accidentally invented a system for myself that so many other women wanted to be part of that I ended up creating GREATful Woman.

To seeing the beauty from each new rocky summit…

At a business conference in Barcelona, Spain we were exploring building your business from your passion, integrity and something congruent with your core and I saw it; I saw GREATful Woman. – that was where my life really had transformed. My initial reaction was “I can’t talk about that!” but I didn’t dismiss it. I thought, “OK. Just for now. Just for this course.”

A few minutes later I was chosen to talk about what is now GREATful Woman in front of 350 people and the reaction was amazing. So many women… and some men… kept coming up to me saying, “We need to talk about this”, “Please tell me when the book or Workshop is ready,” and they shared such intimate things with me. It was humbling and so powerful.

To sharing and opening the dialogue…

Since then, GREATful Woman® has had a life of its own and my responsibility has been to be of service to it, see what women want to talk about, and start the dialogue. I will be honest that I never set out to create GREATful Woman® but I am so grateful (or GREATful…) that I did.

The women I have met have been so amazing and so much of the power of GREATful Woman is using the tool and actions to talk about their hopes, frustrations, wants, desires, needs, challenges, successes, loss and loves — everything. The GREATful Community is here to love and support you. That is what your two free gifts are intended to do – start the dialogue. Also, to open your mind and heart to the possibility of what you really want.

In case you have not yet taken advantage of our presents for you, just enter your info in the gift box with the teal bow to the right on this page or on the homepage and immediately, you will receive…

  1. GWTalksOptinBookCoverFREE book: GREATful Woman® vs Monkey Mind – a loving and quasi-legal Permanent Separation Agreement. NOTE: You can get this from the top-right box (with the pink arrows) opt right on any GREATful Woman® page. One loving action that has been part of my journey was “divorcing” my Monkey Mind. As I never really agreed to a marriage, a permanent separation agreement seemed more fitting. So what is a “Monkey Mind”? It is what I call my mind, my thinking, the inner chatter from my head (vs. heart-based or instinctual guidance). So, this separation agreement is to declare to the universe that I will no longer be in a relationship where my Monkey Mind controls my life. It is important to remember that this is an amicable and respectful separation. I hope you find this entertaining and a little enlightening. I used the framework of a real separations agreement (yes, I started with my amicable separation agreement from my ex-husband for the legal speak). Feel free to use this template to write up what you would have your Monkey Mind take with him/her and what you would keep.
  2. GWTalksBanner-ForButtonFree GREATful Woman® Talks!  – Go to GWTalks.com (or ) for GREATful Woman® Talks! – Celebrating all that we are from our bodies to the bedroom, from our babies to the boardroom! for 80+ GREATful Woman® interviews with thought leaders like Lisa Nichols, Robert Allen, and Noah St. John… and get this – ALL ~50+ hours of talks is FREE to listen to from the website (like a GREATful Woman® Talks! “Radio station” for your transformation)!!

Thank you and welcome to GREATful Woman! You have come to a safe and supportive place! I am truly GREATful that you are here!, Stephanie Bavaro

P.S. Enjoy this pic of when I recorded the old GREATful Sextini video. Tell me if you want to see the video… hehe. The recipe is YUMMMMMY!

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About the company, A GREATful LIFE

What is ‘ A GREATful LIFE ‘ vs. GREATful Woman?? A GREATful LIFE is the umbrella of GREATful products, services and brands exploring how living from gratitude and the power of mindset and heartset (sure, we made that word up) are keys to getting what we want… in any area of life… including sex. So, for example, GREATful Woman explores all these ideas and actions through the lens of sex and sexuality.

The growing family of [agreatfullife] includes (and you can click on any link for more information)…

  1. GREATful Woman® – Confidence, joy & success — on your terms!
  2. GREATful DAYS– Rediscover grateful living with daily gratitude’s – passing and active!
  3. GREATful FORTUNE – Realize your fortune with the mindset and spiritual core for enlightened wealth!
  4. GREATful HEALTH – Accept your body today and achieve optimal health from the inside out!
  5. GREATful LOVE – Actively appreciate all love around you today to truly live & love wholeheartedly!

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