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GREATful Spa Getaway 

8x10-TuscanHomeIn this gorgeous GREATful Woman five-day spa workshop getaway, we balance applied learning and growth with fun and luxury. This special is for a small group of women who want simply and lovingly to transform themselves in a haven of trust and pampering.

Tucked away in a beautiful villa in Italy, we will enjoy gorgeous local food and spa treatments – because we deserve it. In this lovely environment of joy, trust, and tranquility, together we will explore, in depth, how to get you where YOU want your life to go (as we say — confidence, joy and success – on YOUR terms) as quickly and effortlessly as possible!

You will have the one-to-one attention and time to transform your life. You will have what you need to live a life where…

  • You feel a calm confidence and  peaceful presence, as you learn to be GREATful for your life — exactly as it is today! Even finding peace and gratitude in the things that upset us the most.
  • You will gain clarity in the goals and desires you want for your life — love, relationships, health, money career, your daily life! We are going to focus on your oxygen mask first before helping others around you.
  • You will understand how to use the tools to take the next best steps towards a life you love — on your terms!
  • You will cherish the  GREATful community there to support and life you up!

Remember — “Action is the best antidote for fear. Simply taking action, however small, creates some confidence that will help you take the next step. Don’t let failure, imperfection, rejection, the unknown, or what friends and family say stop you. You are worth it. You are good enough. You can overcome missteps. Just embrace life at your own pace in your own way. As long as you keep moving forward one step at a time, you will discover a journey worth taking.” Don Shapiro, author, Life Is A Fork In The Road

Of course, no one said it couldn’t be done in paradise with spa treatments. YIPPEE!!! So take loving action now!

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